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Defending Ireland from the EU

About Us

About Us

First and foremost we are EUROCRITICAL

We believe in standing up for Ireland’s National Interest whether that is in trade, sovereignty, fisheries, immigration, neutrality, fiscal, etc. We believe to do this you need to say No to the EU. Including leaving open the potential of an Irish withdrawal from the EU.

We are against further integration of the EU. We want a deal that is closer to Norway, Switzerland or Iceland. We believe European countries work best trading together but with minimum to no political interference from one another. Likewise we would stand up and say NO to anymore EU referendums or treaty changes. And we are utterly opposed to a United States of Europe. This would completely call for an Irexit from the EU.

We believe in building ties with non-EU countries. We have fantastic allies in the USA, Canada, Australia, as well as the UK. We have cultural and economic ties to these countries that go far back. As such we believe we need competitive and fair tax rates in Ireland to encourage business and the economy to grow as well as FDI and trade. If the EU’s proposed plans to harmonise tax rates across the EU go ahead, this will decimate Ireland, as so much of our economy is built on a tax regime that is fair to business.

We are against the growing threat of an EU army. We don’t believe our government’s statement that they are not integrating us into an EU army. Every year, we hear new reports of this. We believe this is a clear trespass of our precious neutrality.

Ireland could make billions on Fisheries and the EU restrictions on them have decimated the industry here. We would negotiate a new deal that would expand our sovereign fisheries and build a new industry upon it.

One thing the Irish government has done right is keep us out of the Schengen Area. We will support this and further enforce our immigration laws.

If Fine Gael truly believe their own mantra of a "Global Ireland", why do they have Ireland integrated more and more into the EU? Surely as a "flexible global" country, it would make sense for Ireland to have one foot in the EU, one foot out, similar to Switzerland, Norway & Iceland. Instead we have tied ourselves into numerous inflexible treaties, an inflexible currency and now what looks like inflexible harmonised EU tax rates, etc. Why? If Fine Gael truly believe their own mantra of a "global Ireland", why are they tying us down into an inflexible bureaucratic superstate? It makes little sense.


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